About Me

Having to write about myself is not an easy thing to do...in fact, it is quite terrifying! But I will give it my best shot.

When I was younger, I do not remember reading too much. Thinking back I have memories of reading Nancy Drew books when I was in middle school, but I am not sure I recall many other books I read at a younger age. Especially not picture books. But boy to I love them now! The only one I remember quite fondly is Harold and the Purple Crayon. I'm sure there were many Little Golden Books that were read to me, but it is not something that I have a strong memory of.

High school came around, and I still don't remember any books that truly stand out to me today. With one exception - Jane Eyre. Oh how I loved Charlotte Bronte's heroine in that novel. Other than that one novel, I think my reading history as a child and young adult was nonexistent. 

Then, in 2000, I took a teaching job that turned my reading life around. My assignment was a 6th grade language arts class with students who loved to read. They were the ones who had a profound affect on my reading life. They suggested books which I read, then I in turn read more and gave them suggestion. I certainly hope that they enjoyed this exchanging of suggestions as much as I did. I also realized as a teacher that picture books where a wonderful way to teach comprehension, story elements, figurative language...so many things. And my students loved listening to these stories.

After 29 years in the education field, I retired in 2013. But my love for reading has remained. So I started this blog to share some wonderful picture books with my readers. But I will also read some middle grade novels and review them as well. When possible, I will provide some teaching links.

I hope you enjoy my posts, and I also hope you become a member of my blog!