Monday, March 21, 2016

Women's History Month: Alice Ramsey's Grand Adventure

What an absolutely fun biography! Don Brown wrote and illustrated with picture about Alice Ramsey, and it is a wonderful addition to your books to read for Women's History Month.

So what is her grand adventure? Alice is the first woman to travel across America by car. No big deal, you may say...but it happened in 1909!

Yes, I said 1909! Remember, there were no road maps, no interstates, and hardly any gas stations.

Alice traveled with her friend, Hermine, and her two sisters-in-law, Nettie and Margaret.

Overflowing creeks didn't deter her...neither did mechanical problems. In fact, she helped to repair some of the problems.

I think you and your students should sit back and enjoy our great country as they travel with Alice. The beautiful watercolor pictures will certainly make you want to travel yourself!

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