Thursday, March 3, 2016


Talk about a narrow focus for a nonfiction picture book...this is a great example. And Sneed B. Collard III had me intrigued from beginning to end.

Teeth starts out by explaining the different things teeth can do...slice, stab, crack, grind, mash, and munch. A different animal is highlighted in each area to show how animals may use their teeth.

Then it goes on to let the reader know about how they can be the same and different, big or small, kinds of teeth, number of teeth...who would have known about all this information about teeth. 

The pictures of the animals, which have been illustrated by Phyllis V. Saroff, will certainly draw the reader in as well.

The conclusion is a great illustration of how to end with a question appropriately.

                      Teeth. Don't you wish you had more?

Don't pass up the chance to share this picture book with your students!