Saturday, March 12, 2016

Bat Loves the Night

What a beautiful mentor text! Bat Loves the Night is a narrative informational picture book. The information in the book is all true about bats, but it is written as the story of a mother bat going out at night to hunt for food.

Some pages also contains factual information about bats that links with what is in the narrative on that page. This is a beautiful way to share a "story" that is factual in nature with real facts.

Word choice...Nicola Davies uses language that makes you truly see what bat is doing as well as having glorious examples of figurative language.

                    She beams her voice around her like a flashlight, and the
                    echoes come singing back.

Or the page with the wonderful prepositional phrases...

                   Over bushes, under trees, between fence posts, 
                   through the tangled hedge she swoops untouched.

This is picture book will fulfill so many things in a mentor text. Check it out!