Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Black History Month: March On! The Day My Brother Martin Changed the World

This picture book is a beautiful rendition of the march on Washington as told by MLK's older sister, Christine King Farris.

She tells of where all the people came from to march on Washington and why they came. They came because they believed all people should be treated equally...because they wanted to belong...because they were in search of freedom...because they wanted to MARCH!

Martin got to Washington the day before and stayed up all night to write his speech. Since he wrote all of his own speeches, he knew the importance of each and every word...his speech would not let him rest.

He met with a delegation from Congress about a law that would have black and whites treated equally. As they met, marchers gathered on the Mall. Christians walked arm in arm with Jewish people; black people held hands with white people; all marching for the same reason.

MKL looked out the window and could not believe what he saw. Thousands were there - "looking like patches of color in a great quilt spread over the National Mall."

Although there were angry people in the crowd, Martin did as he made his way to the podium. Mahalia Jackson sang...then Martin shared his dream with the crowd of people. The dream was inspirational. It demonstrated the power of words in a magnificent way.

This is a great book to share the story of the march with your students!

Teacher Resources:

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