Sunday, February 28, 2016

Black History Month: Henry's Freedom Box

Henry started his life with his mother and his brothers and sisters as slaves...they dreamed of freedom. When the master was dying, they all thought they would be freed. But the master gave Henry to his son, and Henry had to leave his family.

Henry's new job was rolling tobacco. While working his new job, Henry met Nancy. They lived together even though they had different masters. Henry loved Nancy...they started a family.

But something terrible happened...Henry's family was taken away. He would never see them again.

Henry had nothing left, except his yearning for freedom. It came to him one day to mail himself to freedom. With the help of his friend James and Dr. Smith, he mailed himself to freedom.

When Henry arrived at his destination, he was finally FREE!

You and your students will enjoy this moving true story of a man who wanted freedom so badly he was willing to mail himself to achieve it!

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