Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Black History Month: Beautiful Moon - A Child's Prayer

Oh my goodness! What a marvelous book. From the story itself to the illustrations that are a mixed media and oil on watercolor paper...this book is phenomenal!

Tonya Bolden crafted a picture book that shows diversity in such a unique way. Prayer unites everyone! The boy wakes up and realizes he forgot to pray. As he looks out his window, this is what he sees...

               The amber orb floats, washing the night with a radiant glow.

Eric Velasquez illustrates mostly urban scenes using dark blues and browns. Each of the illustrations are brightened by moonlight.

And the boy prays for things you would never imagine a child would pray for...


A man too busy thinking about his daughter fighting in a distance land does not notice the moon...the boy prays for wars to end.

I will only share this one as I truly want you to find this book and share with everyone!