Monday, January 25, 2016

Stealing Home

In preparation for Black History Month, I wanted to start ahead of time to provide some great picture books that you can use with your students. 

What I find so unique about this picture book is that it is one sentence. It is quite a long sentence, but only one nonetheless. It is describes Jackie standing on third base trying to steal home! 

Each page has a a sidebar that gives more information about segregation in the major leagues, Jackie, the Dodgers, Branch Rickey, and many other pieces of important information that will help the reader understand the story behind this book better. is the language of the book itself that I love.

     Arms outstretched to keep his delicate balance,

     ...pigeon-toed dance...

     ...wakes to a visible electricity,

     darting a quick glance sideways,

Think of all the excitement you could have in your classroom with the beautiful vocabulary of Robert Burleigh. Oh...make sure you check out the ending!

So check with your librarian and get this one lined up for Black History Month...better yet, for any time you are teaching figurative language during your writing time!