Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A Cold, Chilly Day Here In Texas

As the cars are driving down the road in front of my window, the spray of water trails behind them. The dreary gray sky reminds me that winter has arrived here in Austin. Not only I walked to the car from the theater where I finally saw Star Wars, goosebumps covered my arms. That's why I am late completing my blog post.

What would be a fun book to read during these winter months? How about a version of The Three Bears? Jan Brett wrote a version that any student would enjoy - The Three Snow Bears. It will certainly cover some of the TEKS for Theme and Genre (and I am sure it will fit other standards for folktales/fairy tales).

Preparing for my presentation in 17 days (yikes), I have reacquainted myself with Ralph Fletcher's book A Writer's Notebook. If you teach writing, make sure you have your copy! Aspiring's something you should have too. 

Stay warm out there!