Wednesday, July 29, 2015


I know I am behind...I had about eleven swatches to knit for CYCA that were due on Monday. My apologies for not keeping up.

But here we go...WRITER's NOTEBOOK!

What would I do first for my Writer's Notebook? Decorate! Let your parents know how important the notebook is and have them help their child find things to put on the outside of his/her notebook. Of course, you will have to complete yours first. 

So here is mine...

This day needs to be a time for students to personalize their notebook with pictures or phrases that mean something to them. Hopefully they will have things that will spark memories for them...these will be helpful when you start creating an "Idea Bank" with students.

Once it has been decorated, it is time to decide how you want the notebook itself to be set-up. I would have my mini-lessons in the back (working forward) with a Table of Contents, and writing on the front. My "Idea Bank" is located on the first five pages in the front of my notebook. Some people prefer to have mini-lessons and writing mingled together. This is a very personal choice, and one that is not always easy to make.

Take some time, find a notebook for yourself, and decorate.

I will continue with this series on Writer's Notebooks with how to get an "Idea Bank" started.

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