Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Free Fall

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Free Fall by David Wiesner
Illustrated by David Wiesner
Publisher: Harper Collins
Published: 1988
ISBN: 9780688109905
Personal Copy

I decided to continue this week with another David Wiesner book. This particular picture book has no words! It starts again at night when a boy falls asleep with a book he is reading.

His dream puts him as a character in a variety of wonderful places and magical creatures.

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A castle...

Image result for free fall by wiesner 

An ancient city in the Middle East...

To a modern city and finally home again...

I love how Wiesner uses his pictures to take the reader on a journey they could never have dreamed of!

Teachers can use this book for making inferences, creating a story, writing descriptions...or so many things.

This is a must for using during fiction reading. ENJOY!