Friday, March 20, 2015

Perfect Picture Book Friday - FIREFLIES!

Fireflies! by Julie Brinckloe
Illustrated by Julie Brinckloe
Publisher: Aladdin Paperbacks
Published: 1986
ISBN: 9780689710551
Personal Copy
Suitable for ages 5 and 8
Themes/Topics: science, nature, insects, nonfiction, compassion

Fireflies! One of my favorite picture books.

Opening: On a summer evening/I looked up from dinner,/through the open window to the backyard.

Brief Synopsis: A young boy is proud of having caught a jar full of fireflies, which seems to him like owning a piece of moonlight, but as the light begins to dim he realizes he must set the insects free or they will die (from Amazon).

Why I like This Book: Oh, there are so many reasons to LOVE this book. For one thing, it reminded me of catching fireflies myself as a child. We use to have so much fun. I also love how the boy struggled to decide what to do once he caught his firefly. His inner conflict is very apparent in the story.

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