Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Picture Books 14:14

Bad Apple: A Tale of Friendship

Bad Apple: A Tale of Friendship by Edward Hemingway
Illustrated by Edward Hemingway
Publisher: G. P. Putnam's Sons
Published: 2012
ISBN-13: 9780399251917
Personal Copy
Word Count:  490 (estimate)

Yes, the author's name is familiar...and yes he is related. Edward Hemingway is the youngest grandson of Ernest Hemingway. Okay, so this isn't The Old Man and the Sea, but it is cute and fun!

The theme of friendship is very transparent from the title. And the friendship is quite uniques - an apple and a worm. Edward has a bit of a wit about him. 

Mac (the apple - MacIntosh) and Will become friends when Will burrows into Mac. He doesn't eat him; instead they become wonderful friends. Wonderful way to illustrate that even two things that the world thinks should not be friends, can be. 

               Mac took his new friend to the watering hole to clean off. He
               couldn't remember a better day.

And Mac's world certainly thinks this is a bad idea...


But Will cheered Mac up as a friend would do...

               Will cheered Mac up by reading aloud from some of 
               his favorite novels.

But that didn't matter. The next day, the bullies were at it again. None of the apples would play with them...

               NOT EVEN the crab apples. 
                  (on the side - Crab apples can be so mean.) 

Will decides to leave his friend Mac, and the other apples played with him again. But he didn't feel the same without his friend. So he searched and searched for his friend...until he found him!

               Mac knew he would rather be a Bad Apple with Will than 
               a sad apple without him.

Hemingway also infuses humor into his story. For example, Mac for MacIntosh, Granny Smith is an older apple in the illustrations, and calling Will a "bit of a bookworm."

I think you will find some ways to show the theme of friendship in a different way - and how to add humor to help ease the sting of bullies.

Here is the Book Trailer: