Tuesday, January 20, 2015

And so it begins...
Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening 

Poem by Robert Frost
Illustrated by Susan Jeffers
Publisher: Dutton Juvenile; 
Reissue edition (September 24, 2001)
ISBN-10: 0525467343

Struggle...that's all I can say about deciding which book I would blog about first. Many books came to mind, but for some reason - maybe it's the time of year - I chose this beautiful picture book. Picture books are my favorite, and I love Robert Frost's poem...so...

Susan Jeffers took the much beloved poem by Frost and created a magical ride through the forest. The black and white is highlighted with muted colors on each page to engage the reader in what one could only image the woods may look like on a snowy evening long ago! The pops of these muted colors on each page draw attention to the old man riding through the woods. Other objects and animals have been given color too in order to add accents as you read. 

The old man frolics in the woods creating an atmosphere of pure joy in the white snow. He pulls a seedling from his sleigh and plants it, then looks at a much larger tree leading the reader to believe that he must have been planting seedlings for years in the woods. Then a smile of wonderment comes as he looks at snowflakes - Jeffers drawing each with a different pattern! He makes it to a homestead, but then he immediately moves on as the woodland animals watch him leave.

The pictures flow so stunningly with Frost's poem. Jeffers has opened this poem to readers of all ages. She has allowed us to truly visualize what Frost may have been thinking as he wrote.

This is definitely a book to share and read aloud. Teachers and parents can introduce younger children to poetry using this book. Enjoy the beauty that Susan Jeffers has added to the lyrical poetry of the great Robert Frost.